The Heritage Hotel and its surrounding

The more than 150-years-old Heritage Hotel in Romkerhall is the departure point for many charming footpaths. Most of the guest rooms are facing the beautiful waterfall.
Downstream, a path runs along the Oker, which is surrounded by high rocks. This is sometimes used for rock climbing, especially at the weekends.
There are also innumerable large boulders in the river which, every now and then, have formed small islands.

From Romkerhall, several steep paths lead up to the crags of the Treppenstein, the Ahrendsberger Klippen, the Mausefalle and, from there, to the Kästeklippen. From the Ahrendsberger Klippen crags, there is a beautiful view over Romkerhall and the waterfall. The Hallesche Hütte hut near the crags is the location of checkpoint no. 119 in the Harzer Wandernadel hiking trail system.

Only a few minutes´ drive away lies the Ski Alpinum with fantastic winter sports facilities.
In summer, the Oker Lake invites you for swimming, sailing, diving etc.

Over 900 cultural and natural heritage sites around the world are listed as places of "exceptional importance" and have become part of the "heritage of all mankind."
UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites are only admitted when they meet the criteria as "masterpieces of human creativity", "unique", "authentic" and off "outstanding universal value."
It speaks off the Harz that five exceptional World Heritage sites can be found within these mountains.

You also could enjoy a steam train ride with an nostalgic train taking passengers through the stunning and fascinating Harz landscape. 
The HSB (Harz Narrow Gauge Railways) operates the longest continuous narrow gauge railway network in Germany. The routes are "Harzquer", "Selketal" and "Brockenbahn", which give you a total length of 140.4 km. The fleet count 25 steam locomotives, 12 diesel locomotives, 10 rail cars and a variety of historic coaches. The whole collection was placed in 1972 under monument protection.


The closest airport is Hanover (114km; ca. 1,25h).
Other airports which are easy to reach are Leipzig (167 km; ca. 1,5h), Hamburg (263 km; ca. 2,45h) and Berlin Tegel (278 km; ca. 2,5 h).


Map of the Harz Mountains





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